Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Does Bernie Sanders want GE to remove 1,500 jobs from Vermont?

Bernie Sanders of Vermont complains constantly about immoral corpoerations. Generally without any examples. But recently he cited giant GE. Does Sanders want GE to close two plants and remove its 1,500 employees from Vermont? And stop buying $40 million of parts and services per year in Vermont?

GE's CEO Immelt responded  in Washington  Post:
The senator has never bothered to stop by our aviation plant in Rutland, Vt. We’ve been investing heavily (some $100 million in recent years), hiring and turning out some of the world’s finest jet-engine components in Vermont since the 1950s. The plant employs more than 1,000 people who are very good at what they do. It’s a picture of first-rate jobs with high wages, advanced manufacturing in a vital industry — how things look when American workers are competing and winning — and Vermont’s junior senator is always welcome to come by for a tour. 
Elsewhere in Vermont, GE Healthcare employs more than 340 men and women in South Burlington. Yearly, GE does about $40 million worth of business with dozens of suppliers of parts and services across Vermont. Nationwide, we have 200 GE plants, including 15 that were built in the past five years — all with the aim of making GE the world’s premier industrial company.
And Immelt defends GE's global business.

Would Vermont be better if GE took those jobs to another state? Via Powerline Blog.