Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Three things about impeachment and a bonus

First, history: Impeachment in the Constitution is for high crimes and misdemeanors (which are also crimes). Ex-Pres. Clinton was accused of a crime: lying in court. Trump is not accused of any crime. And Clinton’s impeachment was bipartisan: Five Democrats voted for it. But we expect zero Republicans to vote for it tomorrow.

Second: The second charge is obstructing Congress. Hello? Read the Constitution. There is separation of powers. The president doesn’t work for Congress any more than Congress works for the president. Our government was designed to allow and expect conflicts between branches. If the president should be fired for such conflicts so should be Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Third: Charges about Ukraine disappeared in the past month, but got it going. The first Question about Ukraine: Was there a national need for what Pres. Trump asked for in that call? Yes. Our tax dollars were going to Ukraine and Ukraine was known as one of the most corrupt nations in the world. It is the president's responsibility to try to find about and cause the end of corruption before he sent our tax dollars there.

Bonus: What President Trump is guilty of is defeating Hillary. There was talk of impeachment before he was sworn in!

Bonus 2: Honorable Charles Schumer demands that President’s people testify and promises to do it fairly. The Demos had a chance to show they would be fair. They gave it to Rep. Schiff who held the hearings in a secret room, severely restricted Republican witnesses, prevented witnesses from answering and  held press conferences to release a very selective subset of the testimony (Then  released the rest days later in a form hard to use). We have been shown what to expect.