Saturday, November 26, 2022

President is hurting student borrowers in several ways - and you

 President S Joe Biden is hurting those he claims to help those w/ student loans. And is hurting you and me.

First, he knows he cannot “forgive” the loans. That is giving away taxpayer funds and only Congress can do that. And saying he will do what he cannot gives the borrowers false hope.

Second, Due to this false hope some students are now borrowing more than they would have. Because it’s “free money.” So they are taking risks with their own futures. Risks they would not have taken without Joe’s false promises.

Third, Many borrowers now say they refuse to pay; false hope again. But that puts them deeper in the hole, another risk.

[First law of holes: When you are in a hole stop digging.]

New York Post

Fourth, In September he proudly declared the pandemic over. CBS News  Later, when he announced this forgiveness he said it was for relief from the pandemic. Not a true statement. (I have heard that Since #4 was shot down in court now he is using a law to give relief to post-9/11 soldiers in war zones. Uhhhh, Joe!? Source uncertain)

Fifth, He got votes with this false promise, knowing the courts should/would kill it. They voted for his candidates!

The scary part is that the students fell for it - American Thinker:

That is the damage to current and future borrowers. How about us? Joe is making you pay for someone else’s loan.  Joe is making truck drivers pay the loans of highly paid medical doctors and attorneys. (At least let me meet the person I am sugar daddy to.)


Chinese are outraged seeing maskless crowds at Qatar World Cup

 Chinese are outraged/jealous seeing maskless crowds at Qatar World Cup.  Their government has kept them in the dark, but had to let in some light because it couldn't block showing the World Cup.

Maskless Qatar World Cup Outrages Locked-Down Chinese:

China’s exhausted and terrorized population was outraged by images of massive crowds cavorting maskless at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar this week.

Social media users wondered why they must continue living under dungeon conditions while the rest of the world has moved on from the Wuhan coronavirus.

Some Chinese citizens professed shock at getting a peek beyond China’s censorship walls and seeing just how free the rest of the world has become, while more than a quarter of China’s immense population is still suffering through coronavirus lockdowns.


Saturday, November 05, 2022

Official energy policy is Madness!!

Our energy infrastructure which took a century and huge investment to build (and is reliable and affordable) is being torn down by (what do you call a person who knows nothing) ignoramuses who have no idea how huge the job was to create it. And they have no idea how to make a new system to replace THAT ACTUALLY COULD WORK.  

I leave this to one of my favorite writers/analysts, Francis Menton, a retired NYC attorney at his blog Manhattan Contrarian.

A Comprehensive Roundup Of Official Energy Madness —:

Now comes along a guy named Joseph Toomey, who has published a relatively long piece at RealClearEnergy with the title “Energy Inflation Was By Design.” Toomey is identified as a “career management consultant” in the energy field, and author of a 2014 book with the title “An Unworthy Future,” that critiqued the Obama administration’s energy policies. Other than that, Toomey has not been a regular contributor to the energy policy debates. But he makes up for an extended absence with this comprehensive roundup.

At 35 pages in length, Toomey’s piece is a seemingly endless litany of one intentionally destructive policy after another. Even if you follow this issue regularly, as I do, you can’t help but be astounded when you see the full extent of the destruction organized into one piece. An energy infrastructure built up over a century and more that actually provides reliable and affordable energy to millions of people — a true miracle of human ingenuity! — is being systematically and intentionally attacked and wrecked by ignorant fools who have no idea how difficult the existing system was to create, and equally have no idea how to make something to replace it that might actually work.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Why pay $24 when if you wait it will cost $75? Ask Honorable Sen. Chuckie

 Why pay $24 to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve when soon it will cost $75? or more!! Ask Honorable Sen. Chuckie Schumer.

The Democrats' oil folly | Washington Examiner:

Way, way back, in March 2020, then-President Donald Trump proposed to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to its maximum capacity with U.S.-produced crude oil. That would have involved the purchase of 77 million barrels of oil. Trump wanted to act because oil was cheap, about $24 a barrel, and the United States could effectively top off the tank for a very good price.

At Trump's behest, Republicans put money for the oil purchase in a big spending bill that was then under consideration on Capitol Hill. That's when their efforts were stopped cold by Democrats, who labeled Trump's plan a "$3 billion bailout for big oil." This is from Roll Call on March 25, 2020: "The Trump administration's plan to top off the Strategic Petroleum Reserve ran into a blockade ... after lawmakers excluded $3 billion in funding for oil purchases from the massive stimulus package before Congress. Senate Democrats took credit for stripping out that money from the Senate bill ... calling it a 'bailout' for the oil industry." In particular, then-Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) took personal credit for killing the measure.

Sen. Chuckie "took credit" for the folly. He was in a dangerous situation. If he didn’t kill the deal President Trump might get credit for saving taxpayer money. 

And Pres. S Joe takes the folly even farther:

Biden hates Republicans so much, he would rather give oil money to the dictators in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia than Texas. NY Post

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Seattle heavies unfair with Tiffany Smiley

 Three of Seattle’s heavy weights took unfair shots at Tiffany Smiley’s Washington  US Senate campaign this week. A sport team, a coffee company and a newspaper all made unsubstantiated claims against her campaign. An ad showed her husband wearing a shirt with colors that same as a sports team. It didn’t show a logo or their name. But the team is so impressed by Patty Murray that they claimed violation of copy right or something, For what? For nothing.

Smiley showed a coffee shop that closed due to crime. (We all know that is true.) No logo. No identifying marks. But Starbucks claimed a violation. For what? A photo of a building on a public street? For nothing.

And her ad quoted a newspaper and properly identified it and showed their logo. Seattle Times allows other candidates to do the same. Wouldn’t it be worse if she didn’t identify the source? But they are so in love with Senator Patty that they sent a “cease and desist” letter. If their charge is fair then it must apply to all candidates, not just all but the establishment favorite. [I hear Monday morning that a Washington representative puts Seahawks logos on her campaign web page. Will they complain about her?]

Play fair? Not Seattle’s heavies. Are they really impressed by Murray? The only superlative I have seen for her was winning the “Not a rocket scientist” award from Senate staff, also known as the 100th smartest senator. 

To add to the fun. This triple stunt brought national attention to how weak Murray is in her attempt to stay in the Senate until she becomes like Sen. Diane Feinstein now is.

Kimberly Strassel covered this in the Wall Street Journal, but it is for subscribers only. A shorter version at RedState.

Tiffany Smiley for US Senate

Friday, September 30, 2022

Philly Democrat Sentenced to Prison for Election Fraud Scheme

 Have you been told that election tampering never happens? So when Republicans try to clean up the voter roll by removing dead people and those who moved to other states the big Demos say “they are taking away your right to vote.” 

Never? 30 months in prison:

Former Philly Democrat Sentenced to Prison for Election Fraud Scheme:

Former Democratic Rep. Michael “Ozzie” Myers (PA) was sentenced to 30 months in prison for federal election fraud, the Department of Justice announced on Tuesday.

In June, Myers, 79, pleaded guilty to illegally stuffing ballot boxes in Philadelphia by digitally “ringing up” votes from 2014 through 2018, which Katie covered. Myers also bribed a former Philadelphia Judge of Elections, who was indicted in 2020 for rigging several elections.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Seattle teacher strike hurts kids and is illegal

 Seattle teachers closed the schools on September 7, for three days now and counting, on strike. But...

This hurts the kids. They have been hurt by time out of school and away from their friends due to covid. Hurt both in academia and socially. Why choose to hurt them more?

Every teacher who walks out of school on strike is violating Washington law. Why are there no consequences to this violation?

When there is a illegal strike the school district can go to court for an injunction to apply penalties unless the schools open. The district always wins and the strike always ends. But the teachers union leaders say “No injunction to end a strike has ever been upheld on appeal.” That is true because the union has never appealed! Is that a self-fulfilling prophecy? … the equivalent.

Does Gov. Inslee support this strike? He didn’t say he opposes it in his appearance on Thursday 9/8, so it appears he supports this illegal strike.

Logic test: If there are fewer students do you need fewer school employees? Seems obvious. Obvious!! Fewer kids, fewer teachers!! But Seattle teachers demand the district hire more! And are keeping the kids out of class for it.

Educators have found that kids were significantly set back by schools being closed or “on line.” The US Department of Education found that 9-year-olds lost average 5 points, from 220 to 215, on reading tests. That’s the average. They found that it was worse for “virtual” schooling and keeping the kids out of the classroom. It will take years for them to catch up and … tragically some probably never will. And, of course, poorer reading skills affects all other subjects. In Tennessee they are making large, expensive effort to help those kids who need the most help. But in Seattle the teachers closed the classroom doors on the kids. Newstalkers & WSJ

See also Liv Finne of Washington Policy Center writing in the Spokane Spokesman-Review.


Sunday, August 28, 2022

I want to see the last Boeing 747 be assembled

 Because I saw the first!

When I was in college at University of Washington I worked for Boeing for 3 years. Boeing had a program for engineering and science majors of UW and Seattle U to work part-time and had an office near University Village where we worked. There we did boring, but necessary, drafting work. And Boeing engineers who wanted a sharp student to do some work for them would come the recruit us for a temporary assignment. These were always more interesting than the bread-and-butter work, though much less convenient for travel time.

 It was the best student job. During school we could work 12 or 16 (or more) hours per week. During breaks we could continue part-time, work full-time or take off. And we got a raise every year. Perfect.

In the winter/spring of 1968 I was sent on a temporary assignment at Boeing’s Everett plant and we walked through the huge building where the first 747, RA-01, was being assembled. Wow! So… I would like to see the last one being assembled for Atlas Air in that same giant building.


Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Nuc weapons for Iran???

 Slow Joe’s top priority is to give a mortal enemy of the US hundreds of billions $ and the ability to have nuclear weapons. IrĂ¡n has said “Death to America” for decades. An Iranian has been indicted for trying to kill US diplomat John Bolton - and kill him in the US! And ex-Sec of State Mike Pompeo is under 24x7 security due to threats from Iran. 

So, Joe, is this the time to REWARD Iran for these crimes? Remember how Iran blatantly violated Pres. Obama’s proud agreement? Uh…Mr. President S Joe, think about it. Joe?

Thursday, August 11, 2022

WA schools calls for end to student testing

 (The Center Square) – Is Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal trying to cancel some state assessments of student learning? That's what the Washington Policy Center think tank is alleging in a blog, and what Reykdal's own office is vehemently denying.

In the Monday blog post, Washington Policy Center education director Liv Finne quoted Reykdal as saying, “…Higher Ed has never believed in them. Higher Ed has never accepted that Smarter Balance [state tests] mean anything to them…this experimenting with tests, Smarter Balance, End of Course, the WASL, that keeps coming and going because it [testing] actually means nothing…

“I am trying to figure out if I have the authority to exit us [from testing] on my own, or if that needs something else.”

The quote came from the most recent Washington State Board of Education meeting in Spokane. Reykdal was answering a question from board member Kevin Wang about state testing.

A recording of that meeting is available on the TVW website, with Wang asking Reykdal at 55:49. [end of quote]

But... our whole K-12 education system is built upon testing to prove the kids have accomplished the knowledge and skills of a high-school graduate. But who likes to be held accountable? When kids fail the question is - what did the system do for 13 years? So Reykdal is looking for a way out. And denies it.

Center Square

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Serial killings of Muslims was committed by... a Muslim

 Hate crime? On Sunday President S Joe Biden solemnly promised solidarity with the Muslim community of Albequerque, New Mexico, after 4 Muslim men were murdered.

Today S Joe is silent. The murders were committed by a Muslim. And the hatred is between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Joe, who were you accusing of these horrible crimes? Do you owe an apology to every American you implicated in these murders? Joe?

Afghan Suspect Arrested in Killings of Fellow Muslims in New Mexico

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Yes. This is a recession

 The US economy is in a recession. As announced today last quarter (Q2) it shrank by 0.9% after shrinking 1.6% in the previous quarter. That is what a recession is - two successive quarters of shrinking.

Everbody knows that is a recession Everybody has always known that. But now the Joe Biden machine people are trying to redefine recession. Uh... No. Can't do that. Just face the facts, Joe, and get moving. 

(And they all know they are lying, except for a young woman whose job it is to defend what can't defended on camera every day.)

Daily Mail UK

Sunday, June 05, 2022

You shouldn't be forced to pay my student loan!!!

Senator Cantwell

Senator Murray

3 June 2022

Why should people who didn’t attend college pay for those who did? NO. They shouldn’t. If a person takes out a loan they promise to pay it back. In our world they do what they promised. You are from here - within a mile or two - so you should not be a long way from our world. The world where adults are responsible for their own action.

We paid our ways through college. Our daughters finished college with debts they quickly paid off. We didn’t ask you to pay our way.

Pres. Biden can’t cancel a loan. He just transfers it to truck drivers. If there was fraud in Corinthian Colleges, then they should pay - not me. And even if the fraud was a reason for taxpayers to pay it doesn’t transfer to Biden’s *beloved* White House staff who feel burdened by the $ millions they promised to pay. But… now they don’t want to pay.

Please stop Biden from the irresponsible action which he has no authority to do.

Ron Hebron

Lake Forest Park, WA

747 carrying the Space Shuttle

 Flight from Mississippi to Cape Canaveral

The Boeing 747 "SCA" ... the amazing story of the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. 

Read the following "trip report" from the pilot of the 747 who flew the final leg of the flight of shuttle Atlantis back to Florida after the Hubble repair flight in May 2009 – an inside look at what it's like to fly two aircraft at once. Orbiter Atlantis flew its maiden mission in October 1985 and its final 33rd one in July 2011 – which also marked the end of the Space Shuttle Program.

Well, it's been 48 hours since I landed the 747 with the shuttle Atlantis on top and I am still buzzing from the experience. I have to say that my whole mind, body and soul went into the professional mode just before engine start in Mississippi, and stayed there, where it all needed to be, until well after the flight ... in fact, I am not sure if it is all back to normal as I type this email. The experience was surreal. Seeing that "thing" on top of an already overly huge aircraft boggles my mind. The whole mission from takeoff to engine shutdown was unlike anything I had ever done. It was like a dream ... someone else's dream.

We took off from Columbus AFB on their 12,000 foot runway, of which I used 11,999  feet to get the wheels off the ground. We were at 3,500 feet left to go of the runway, throttles full power, nose wheels still hugging the ground, copilot calling out decision speeds, the weight of Atlantis now screaming through my fingers clinched tightly on the controls, tires heating up to their near maximum temperature from the speed and the weight, and not yet at rotation speed, the speed at which I would be pulling on the controls to get the nose to rise. I just could not wait, and I mean I COULD NOT WAIT, and started pulling early. If I had waited until rotation speed, we would not have rotated enough to get airborne by the end of the runway. So I pulled on the controls early and started our rotation to the takeoff attitude. The wheels finally lifted off as we passed over the stripe marking the end of the runway and my next hurdle (physically) was a line of trees 1,000 feet off the departure end of Runway 16. All I knew was we were flying and so I directed the gear to be retracted and the flaps to be moved from Flaps 20 to Flaps 10 as I pulled even harder on the controls.

I must say, those trees were beginning to look a lot like those brushes in the drive through car washes so I pulled even harder yet! I think I saw a bird just fold it's wings and fall out of a tree as if to say "Oh just take me". Okay, we cleared the trees, duh, but it was way too close for my laundry. As we started to actually climb, at only 100 feet per minute, I smelled something that reminded me of touring the Heineken Brewery in Europe ... I said "is that a skunk I smell?" and the veterans of shuttle carrying looked at me and smiled and said "Tires"! I said "TIRES???OURS???" They smiled and shook their heads as if to call their Captain an amateur; okay, at that point I was. The tires were so hot you could smell them in the cockpit. My mind could not get over, from this point on, that this was something I had never experienced.  Where's your mom when you REALLY need her?

The flight down to Florida was an eternity. We cruised at 250 knots indicated, giving us about 315 knots of ground speed at 15,000'. The miles didn't click by like I am used to them clicking by in a fighter jet at MACH .94. We were burning fuel at a rate of 40,000 pounds per hour or 130 pounds per mile, or one gallon every length of the fuselage. The vibration in the cockpit was mild, compared to down below and to the rear of the fuselage where it reminded me of that football game I had as a child where you turned it on and the players vibrated around the board. I felt like if I had plastic clips on my boots I could have vibrated to any spot in the fuselage I wanted to go without moving my legs ... and the noise was deafening. The 747 flies with its nose 5 degrees up in the air to stay level, and when you bank, it feels like the shuttle is trying to say "hey, let's roll completely over on our back"... not a good thing I kept telling myself. So, I limited my bank angle to 15 degrees and even though a 180 degree course change took a full zip code to complete, it was the safe way to turn this monster.

Airliners and even a flight of two F-16s deviated from their flight plans to catch a glimpse of us along the way. We dodged what was in reality very few clouds and storms, despite what everyone thought, and arrived in Florida with 51,000 pounds of fuel too much to land with. We can't land heavier than 600,000 pounds total weight and so we had to do something with that fuel. I had an idea ... let's fly low and slow and show this beast off to all the taxpayers in Florida lucky enough to be outside on that Tuesday afternoon.

So at Ormond Beach we let down to 1,000 feet above the ground/water and flew just east of the beach out over the water Then, once we reached the NASA airspace of the Kennedy Space Center, we cut over to the Banana/Indian Rivers and flew down the middle of them to show the people of Titusville, Port St. Johns and Melbourne just what a 747 with a shuttle on it looked like. We stayed at 1,000 feet and since we were dragging our flaps at "Flaps 5", our speed was down to around 190 to 210 knots. We could see traffic stopping in the middle of roads to take a look. We heard later that a Little League Baseball game stop to look and everyone cheered as we became their 7th inning stretch. Oh say can you see ...

After reaching Vero Beach, we turned north to follow the coast line back up to the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF). There was not one person laying on the beach ... they were all standing and waving! "What a sight" I thought ... and figured they were thinking the same thing.  All this time I was bugging the engineers, all three of them, to re-compute our fuel and tell me when it was time to land.

They kept saying "Not yet Triple, keep showing this thing off" which was not a bad thing to be doing. However, all this time the thought that the landing, the muscling of this 600,000 pound beast, was getting closer and closer to my reality. I was pumped up! We got back to the SLF and were still 10,000 pounds too heavy to land so I said I was going to do a low approach over the SLF going the opposite direction of landing traffic that day.  So at 300 feet, we flew down the runway, rocking our wings like a whale rolling on its side to say "hello" to the people looking on! One turn out of traffic and back to the runway to land ... still 3,000 pounds over gross weight limit. But the engineers agreed that if the landing were smooth, there would be no problem. "Oh thanks guys, a little extra pressure is just what I needed!" So we landed at 603,000 pounds and very smoothly if I have to say so myself.

The landing was so totally controlled and on speed, that it was fun. There were a few surprises that I dealt with, like the 747 falls like a rock with the orbiter on it if you pull the throttles off at the "normal" point in a landing and secondly, if you thought you could hold the nose off the ground after the mains touch down, think again ... IT IS COMING DOWN!!! So I "flew it down" to the ground and saved what I have seen in videos of a nose slap after landing. Bob's video supports this!

Then I turned on my phone after coming to a full stop only to find 50 bazillion emails and phone messages from all of you who were so super to be watching and cheering us on! What a treat, I can't thank y'all enough. 

For those who watched, you wondered why we sat there so long. Well, the shuttle had very hazardous chemicals on board and we had to be "sniffed" to determine if any had leaked or were leaking. They checked for Monomethylhydrazine (N2H4 for Charlie Hudson) and nitrogen tetroxide (N2O4). Even though we were "clean", it took way too long for them to tow us in to the mate-demate area. Sorry for those who stuck it out and even waited until we exited the jet.

I am sure I will wake up in the middle of the night here soon, screaming and standing straight up dripping wet with sweat from the realization of what had happened. It was a thrill of a lifetime. Again I want to thank everyone for your interest and support. It felt good to bring Atlantis home in one piece after she had worked so hard getting to the Hubble Space Telescope and back.

Space Shuttle Atlantis - Wikipedia

Friday, May 27, 2022

TV Journalist Jonathan Choe enabled to continue reporting

 Jonathan Choe worked for local Seattle TV for 15 years. But he was being constrained by his employer because he put out too much truth for his Seattle bosses. They don’t want a crisis, but on the street life is in crises. “Homeless camps” are not full of working people priced out of their rentals. They are populated by drug addicts who refuse housing that doesn’t allow them to continue their habit and those who sell the drugs. And the mentally ill who are released with inadequate support.

So he quit and found an organization that wants him to keep working and showing what is happening in Seattle. He is enabled by Discovery Institute of Seattle

Jonathan Choe at Discovery Institute:

Fix Homelessness

Friday, May 13, 2022

Free countries can flex; repressed ones break. Russia and China

Bret Stephens in New York Times has excellent insights today.

Putin’s quandary...

… Putin is belatedly discovering that the powers to humiliate, subvert and destroy are weaker forces than the powers to attract, inspire and build — powers free nations possess almost as a birthright. The Kremlin might yet be able to bludgeon its way to something it can call victory. But its reward will mainly be the very rubble it has created. The rest of Ukraine will find ways to flourish, ideally as a member of NATO and the European Union...

And China’s Potemkin economy. The leaders have to lie to themselves...

… For all its undeniable progress over 45 years, China remains a Potemkin regime obsessed with fostering aggrandizing illusions: about domestic harmony (aided by a vast system of surveillance and prison camps); about technological innovation (aided by unprecedented theft of intellectual property); about unstoppable economic growth (aided by manufactured statistics). The illusions may win status for Beijing. But they come with a heavy price: the systematic denial of truth, even to the regime itself.

Rulers who come to believe their own propaganda will inevitably miscalculate, often catastrophically. Look again at Putin, who really believed he had a competent military...

NY Times via a mystery source

Saturday, May 07, 2022

Biden called 74,000,00 Americans the most extreme in US history

 President S Joe Biden promised to unite us in his inaugural address. This week he said that the 74,000,000 people who voted for President Trump are the most extreme political movement in US history.

Did we lynch blacks? The KKK did. The Weather Underground bombed 25 places in the 1970s. Am I worse than them?

Please explain the problem to me.


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Seattle people despair that leaders doing nothing about crime

Seattle people despair that our leaders are doing nothing about crime. And the Seattle Times adds “that leaders can no longer ignore.” But almost all of them are ignoring the mess. There has been a small turnaround - Seattle elected a Republican prosecutor and a “moderate” defeated a hyper-leftist for city council. That is good, but those two women are surrounded by the elected officials who allowed the mess. And continue to.

But since the Seattle Times can say the problem is so bad that the leaders have to notice that is a sign that a change is taking place:

Seattle Times

By a decisive margin, Seattle residents continue to view the city’s leadership as failing at public safety and homelessness, according to new poll numbers to be unveiled Monday. City leaders, especially long-tenured incumbents directly responsible for the rot of voter distrust, must answer the broad demand to do better with decisive, course-correcting action. 

In its second round, the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce-sponsored citywide poll interviewed 100 registered voters in each of Seattle’s seven council districts. The results are stark: About 73% of residents said their neighborhoods are less safe than two years ago. Two-thirds of voters said they’ve considered leaving the city. Almost three-fourths say they don’t feel safe going downtown at night. In every slice of poll respondents — by age, party or section of the city — more than 60% of every group distrusted the way the city spends its money.

These findings should be a cold-water shock to any political leader still deluded that the city’s degeneration has escaped voters’ ire. The poll adds to evidence that people aren’t looking away from the persistent tent encampments under Interstate 5 and in Woodland Park, the closure of Little Saigon fixture Seven Stars Pepper Szechwan Restaurant or the drug-centric lawlessness plaguing grimy downtown streets.


When city bus drivers report being distressingly familiar with the smell of passengers smoking narcotics — described by King County Metro driver Erik Christensen as “burnt peanut butter, mixed with brake fluid” — must the red flag be any bigger?

A: Yes; it must be much bigger. County Exec Dow Constantine and half the Seattle city council continue to ignore crime

Monday, March 07, 2022

Gov. Inslee compares himself to Ukrainians fighting for their lives

 Gov Jay..? Hello? You are trying to jail people who you disagree with. Ever heard of the First Amendment of the Constitution? Free speech? Pres. S Joe Biden has said that he doubts the 2022 mid-term elections will be fair. Are you going to handcuff S Joe? Your law applies to politicians in office who lie about elections... So, yes, Biden's speech meets your definition of illegal speech. Economic Freedom

SB 5843 at Spokesman-Review

He is as brave as Ukrainians fighting for their lives. Uhhh? He says so. Jason Rantz at KTTH

Governor Jay Inslee has long suffered delusions of grandeur. But his latest comments are so over-the-top, it is legitimately worth questioning his mental fitness to do his job.

Gov. Inslee actually compared his failed fight to ban political speech he disagrees with to Ukrainians fighting for their lives against an evil tyrant.

Inslee’s bill sought to punish lawmakers and candidates with jail if they question elections. Ironically, it’s the kind of move someone takes when they actually plan on stealing elections. Luckily, it failed to garner support because it was so blatantly unconstitutional.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Pray for Ann Davison - Seattle Prosecutor

 If you live within 100 miles of Seattle pray for Ann Davison, new Seattle City Attorney (really prosecutor). In electing her the voters threw out the incumbent who stopped prosecuting… almost every crime. She has a huge challenge. She wants to move cases much more quickly, but her predecessor left a huge backup she must work through. It's very hard to do both. Sea Times

And the entire political establishment is against her. The City Council added reporting requirements before she took office that had not been applied to her predecessors for 100 years.

King County Executive Dow Constantine wants to close the County Jail. What? He already closed half of it and wants to finish it. HIs defense is covid, but he proposed the closure before February, 2020 and he is not reopening the closed part. There is a second jail that is much smaller and too far south to be the main jail. That is their thinking! They want to close the jail.

Our safety depends on her success. Please pray for Ann.

Seattle Times - King County press release

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Pres. S Joe Biden will give you a free crack pipe

 Pres. S Joe Biden will give you a free crack pipe through 2022 Harm Reduction Program Grant which includes 20 requirements, of which safe smoking kits/supplies is one.

Now his spokes people are running to the mikes denying what he is doing. Who are they to say? Pres. Biden's program includes crack pipes.

He calls providing the materials to continue to use drugs - or start - "harm reduction." Keep them addicted, Joe? Is that your intent? 

(But He will fight you tooth and nail if you are sick and want Ivermectin.)


Monday, February 07, 2022

S Joe Bidens' big dream - Iran with nuclear weapons

S Joe Bidens' big dream is that Iran have nuclear weapons. What?? Yes. Look at what he is doing. He is removing sanctions against Iran. That means .they get the technology they need. 

First, he is allowing companies to participate in Iran's "civilian nuclear program." Civilian? No such thing in Iran. It is the government and they have made it clear for decades that they intend to have nuclear weapons. And they will use the nucs to threaten Israel. They have long wanted to destroy Israel.

S Joe's people have scripts to read about how "we are in talks to"... some nice thing. But Iran's goals remain. And this helps Iran. Wall Street Journal:

WSJ meanwhile, reported that the administration expects a restored deal would leave Iran capable of gaining enough fuel for a nuclear bomb in significantly less than a year.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Gov. Inslee intends to outlaw political speech

Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington intends to make it a crime for a politician to say an untruth about an election. Uh... Ever hear of the First Amendment, Jay? It protects speech - all speech. You cannot do this, Jay.

And it's your job to obey the Constitution, not to violate it and see if you can get away with it -- expect the courts to enforce obeying it.

A judge in Wisconsin ruled that the ballot drop boxes the governor odered were illegal. Will you handcuff that judge, Gov Jay? PJMedia

In Atlanta two weeks ago President S Joe Biden said that the 2022 elections will not be valid because S.2747 his federal takeover of elections did not pass the Senate. (He called it voting rights, but it makes illegal every check to ensure that elections are honest and takes over the elections from state control.) Biden is not subject to the laws of Washington State. But if he were would you convict him of your new crime? Kim Strassel Wall Street Journal

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Please vote against the federal takeover of elections S.2747

 Senator Patty,

Please vote against the federal takeover of elections S.2747. It is NOT a voting rights bill, no what Chuck Schumer says. It has a nice name, but it would reduce the integrity of our elections.

ID for voting. Canada, Mexico and every European country except the UK require photo ID. Why? To make sure no one can claim to be another person to vote when not allowed to. Or multiple people. This would make it illegal to require ID, allowing fraud.

Mail-in voting is a huge opportunity for vote fraud. When ballots arrive at the post office boxes many of them go … where? And it invites people to go door to door collecting ballots. What do they do with those ballots? An invitation to fraud. Chuck Schumer’s bill requires this.

Absentee voting. In 2004 the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform (ex-President Jimmy Carter) found that absentee voting allows fraud. Voter files contain ineligible, duplicate, fictional, and deceased voters, a fact easily exploited using absentee ballots to commit fraud. Again Chuck Schumer encourages fraud.

And it is the federal government taking over election responsibilities given to the states by our Constitution.

So please vote against S.2747 and that John Lewis bill.

More at Powerline Blog

Monday, January 17, 2022

Martin Luther King Jr called the church to be faithful when it matters

 “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”

“I have decided to stick with love. . . . Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Today we remember Martin Luther King Jr - how he held us to our own standard - that all people are created equal and have rights from God, not from government.

Every year I read his letter from a Birmingham jail in which he calls pastors - the church - to do what Jesus Christ told them to do.

The back story and short description: at Stanford 

Abreviated text  Teaching American History (a good source)

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Wear a mask for me

I am not a good mask wearer and never will be. Other people seem to look forward to hiding behind a piece of cloth. Given that they put the darn things on when they are in a car alone; some wear one when jogging not near anyone. I can’t stand it. I have to breathe and I can’t wearing a mask. One expert semi-defender of mask wearing said “at least people will touch their faces less (very weak reason). Not true! I am constantly tugging and rearranging the thing - touching my face more.

My biggest complain about masks is that about half of those we see worn are worthless. A cloth mask is equivalent to covering your sneeze or cough. That MIGHT reduce you giving covid to someone else, more likely NOT, but it doesn’t protect you in the slightest. So every expert that says masks help is telling a half truth. Which is worse? - to tell an untruth/half truth you know or to claim you are an expert and not know you are spreading falsehood?

The only mask that offers protection against the tiny, tiny virus is the M95. I have two of them (pretty old), but can’t remember the last time I saw anyone wearing one. KN95 offers less protection. And the throw-away paper mask gives slight protection. Everything else does nothing. Nothing.

Wear a mask for me. Or two or three masks… No, NOT for me, but for yourself. It might make you feel good.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tell us, Joe Biden, about your Democrat friends

Calling me a racist? In Atlanta Tuesday Pres. S. Joe Biden said that anyone who favors showing ID to vote is on the side of Bull Connor, George Wallace and Jefferson David. 

Those three were racists and slave holders and all Democrats. Demo Bull Connor arrested 1200 high school students and sent dogs and fire hoses against them in Birmingham, Alabma. He was a member of the Democratic National Committee.

Jefferson Davis was a slaveholder and president of the Confederate States of America which took up arms and killed Americans to protect slavery. A Democrat.

George Wallace was a proud racist Democrat governor of Alabama. And friendly with Joe Biden. Biden received an award from Wallace in 1973 and bragged about it in 1987.

Did Biden really brag about friendship with Wallace? See Your News.

It looks to me like if you favor ID for voting you are an American involved in the give and take of policy. Joe Biden opposes it and is the proud friend of racist Democrats.

[I corrected misspellings.]

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Energy Analysts


Steven Hayward - one of my favorite analysts - is a first-tier political science professor. As a side line he follows energy policy. To aid my own memory here are some people he follows:

Robert Bryce.

On Steven Hayward’s Powerline podcast on 5/18/21.

Center for the American Experiment report: Not in Our Backyard


Mark Mills of Manhattan Institute, Northwestern University Engineering

Manhattan Institute

Coauthor with Peter Huber of The Bottomless Well: The Twilight of Fuel, the Virtue of Waste, and Why We Will Never Run Out of Energy


Russell Gold of Wall Street Journal

His own site

Warns against failure of imagination at State of the Planet


John Kemp in London. @JKempEnergy

Thompson-Reuters (old) 

Recommended reading on energy (2019). It's huge:

At Thompson-Reuters (pdf)

“Global CO2 emissions far off net-zero trajectory” at Energy Now 


Hayward is a regular at my favorite blog: Power Line