Friday, February 11, 2022

Pray for Ann Davison - Seattle Prosecutor

 If you live within 100 miles of Seattle pray for Ann Davison, new Seattle City Attorney (really prosecutor). In electing her the voters threw out the incumbent who stopped prosecuting… almost every crime. She has a huge challenge. She wants to move cases much more quickly, but her predecessor left a huge backup she must work through. It's very hard to do both. Sea Times

And the entire political establishment is against her. The City Council added reporting requirements before she took office that had not been applied to her predecessors for 100 years.

King County Executive Dow Constantine wants to close the County Jail. What? He already closed half of it and wants to finish it. HIs defense is covid, but he proposed the closure before February, 2020 and he is not reopening the closed part. There is a second jail that is much smaller and too far south to be the main jail. That is their thinking! They want to close the jail.

Our safety depends on her success. Please pray for Ann.

Seattle Times - King County press release

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Pres. S Joe Biden will give you a free crack pipe

 Pres. S Joe Biden will give you a free crack pipe through 2022 Harm Reduction Program Grant which includes 20 requirements, of which safe smoking kits/supplies is one.

Now his spokes people are running to the mikes denying what he is doing. Who are they to say? Pres. Biden's program includes crack pipes.

He calls providing the materials to continue to use drugs - or start - "harm reduction." Keep them addicted, Joe? Is that your intent? 

(But He will fight you tooth and nail if you are sick and want Ivermectin.)


Monday, February 07, 2022

S Joe Bidens' big dream - Iran with nuclear weapons

S Joe Bidens' big dream is that Iran have nuclear weapons. What?? Yes. Look at what he is doing. He is removing sanctions against Iran. That means .they get the technology they need. 

First, he is allowing companies to participate in Iran's "civilian nuclear program." Civilian? No such thing in Iran. It is the government and they have made it clear for decades that they intend to have nuclear weapons. And they will use the nucs to threaten Israel. They have long wanted to destroy Israel.

S Joe's people have scripts to read about how "we are in talks to"... some nice thing. But Iran's goals remain. And this helps Iran. Wall Street Journal:

WSJ meanwhile, reported that the administration expects a restored deal would leave Iran capable of gaining enough fuel for a nuclear bomb in significantly less than a year.