Monday, September 15, 2014

Democrat admits Obamacare doubled his health insurance cost

Another Obamacare highlight. Doubled cost for a member of Congress. But Obama promised Obamacare would lower costs. Daily Caller

Daily Caller on Rep. Gene Green (D, TX)

Of course the double paying Democrat supports Obamacare more than ever. He wishes the same on his constituents - paying double.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Northwest Passage 2014 - A few have made it

Ten yachts tried the transverse the Northwest Passage in 2014. It is crossing north of North American from North Atlantic and Greenland west to the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia.. Score: Three out of ten finished.

The three that are finishing: NWP 2014 Blog

… Add the Silversea Silver Explorer, a luxury cruise  ship that carries 132. It started from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland on the 9th August and reached Nome, Alaska on September first, 2014. Silversea hired an ice breaker for one stretch! See Incentive Travel UK

 That makes four. Any others?

More at CNN “Arctic Ambition: The race heats up."

Jan Karski told Roosevelt and Eden about Holocaust of Jews in 1943

Karski told Roosevelt and Eden about Holocaust of Jews in 1943. Roosevelt told him the US was going to win the war. That’s all.

Powerline Blog with video clips.


The jihadists within our borders

We need to control jihad in the Middle East and not allow jihadists to enter the US. But there is an emergency here and now. President Obama is allowing jihadists to enter and stay in the US. And he knows it.

Betsy McCaughey at American Spectator

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dutch student tricks family with 42-day trek by Photoshop

Her family saw her off at the airport. Then for over 5 weeks they followed her daily adventures with posted photos, text messages at odd hours and even Skype video calls. They saw her is exotic places from a Thai hotel room, beaches in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. All the time she was at home in Amsterdam and using Photoshop to trick them, I mean, fool them.

Daily Mail UK with photos.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

13-year-old piano star is truant to DC schools

The K-12 school system fossils can’t imagine that it might be good for a middle school girl to be out of school winning an international competition. So they threw DC’s truancy law at her. They can’t imagine that she might be learning during competition. And they don’t care that she is earning As in school.

Having no other options, her parents removed her from school and are home schooling her. She would have traveled as a representative of DC public schools. But, no, they don’t want that.

Washington Post

Monday, September 08, 2014

Sorry. Jobs news is bad

Look past the news spinners. The job data in the US is not good. There was a little good news for the previous six months. Was that the result of ending extended unemployment benefits? But now the reality.


Peter Morici

The economy created only 142,000 jobs in August, down from 212,000 in July, indicating the economy significantly slowed this summer.

Jobs creation is well below the pace needed to reemploy all the workers displaced during the financial crisis—the economy is in crisis!

Although official GDP estimates indicate the economy expanded in the second quarter at a torrid pace—4.2. percent—much of that was inventory build, as consumer spending continued to drag along at a nonplus pace and capital investment, especially in manufacturing, remains subpar.

Third quarter growth is likely in the range of 2 percent, and the Obama Administration spin doctors will have a tough time selling these jobs data as anything but bad news.


Simply, the administration’s big spending stimulus policies and the Fed’s obsession with pumping money into a moribund New York financial industry have failed.

Also, now Americans are seeing the real cost of ObamaCare health care subsidies. Employer mandates are not much good to working families if no one in the family is working.


Since 2000, Congress has beefed up the earned income tax credit, and expanded programs providing direct benefits to low and middle income workers, including ObamaCare and Medicaid, food stamps, and rent and mortgage assistance.

Those buy votes but do little to encourage work.

Simply, the administration’s big spending stimulus policies and the Fed’s obsession with pumping money into a moribund New York financial industry have failed.

Also, now Americans are seeing the real cost of ObamaCare health care subsidies. Employer mandates are not much good to working families if no one in the family is working.

The official jobless rate is down to 6.1 percent but real unemployment is closer to 18 percent, because so many prime aged adults are sitting out the party. For example, one in six adult males between the ages of 25 and 54 has no job, and may have simply quit looking thanks to “compassionate” government policies that reward able bodied men and women to sit at home and watch ESPN NFL reruns or "The View".

Since 2000, Congress has beefed up the earned income tax credit, and expanded programs providing direct benefits to low and middle income workers, including ObamaCare and Medicaid, food stamps, and rent and mortgage assistance.

Those buy votes but do little to encourage work.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Having a bad day?

Telegraph UK potd elephant 1 2997936k

Having a bad day? Not compared to the owner of this VW. In Pilanesburg National Park, South Africa.

Telegraph UK

See two more pics at the link

Why have World Cup where sharia is the law?

Qatar is not ready for the international spotlight. It is holding human-rights investigators - preparing for World Cup.

Daily Star

Friday, September 05, 2014

Only the richest have incomes rise under Obama

During three years under President Obama only the top 10 per cent group had incomes rise. 2010 to 2013

Washington Times

Productive city brought down by Chavez socialism

The Sidor steel mill in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela, once produced 4.3 million tons of steel per year. Now only 700,000 T. The 4.3 M was before late-President Hugo Chavez nationalized it. Under state ownership political appointees were favored over experienced managers and investment in the plant. And Chavez's leadership of the economy resulted in chaos throughout. That disrupted supplies and electricity. Furthermore 2,000 workers are paid for full-time union work.

Ciudad was founded in 1961 to be a center of industry to take advantage of abundant cheap hydro-electric power and was successful until Chavez politicized it. And the whole economy!

This is just one example of the mess in Venezuela. It has had huge income from oil for a long time and still has huge reserves. But its socialism puts politics into every decision and the result is waste, inflation and poverty.

Wash Post

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Why Russia is dying

Russians are dying young. And younger. Why?

Also does totalitarianism require a large country? The author's theory is that for a country to be totalitarian it must be large enough to be able to lose population and still survive. Because the leaders have to do drastic things and to them the people are expendable. They don't care if people die.

New York Review

West Coast fish come back - good news

Several species of fish that were recently considered endangered are now in safe supply. To the point that the fish watchers recommend them for ordering in restaurants. This is not EPA “endangered species” listing, but recommendations by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

Monterey Bay Aquarium has Seafood Watch which publishes a listing of which fish are in danger and which are in adequate supply. Their ratings seem to be Avoid, Good and Best. Today they are pointing out what moved from Avoid to Good or Best, which includes several kinds of rock fish, Pacific Ocean perch and Spiny dogfish.

The comeback is due to better management, including fishing practices and limited fishing. In some cases Pacific Fishery Management Council closed ares to fishing and changed how quotas are established.

Seattle Times

Seafood Watch

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Californians live in desert & expect water

Coastal Californians live in arid places; they require water to be diverted from agriculture for fish but expect plenty of water for their own enjoyment.

Life-long Californian Victor Davis Hanson:

PJ Media


In other words, the California coastal strip is an environmentally unwise place to locate millions of Californians; its swarms exist largely by water transfers from either Northern California or the Sierra Nevada mountains. And yet far too many of its inhabitants have a bad habit of pontificating about water usage for others.

Then we come to the matter of population. California is no longer the 15 million person state that once was adequately served by our forefathers’ water-transfer projects. It is not even the 40 million person state that our ancestors warned could survive long droughts (but only if their descendants of course finish the state and federal water projects). It is instead a 40 million person state with a 20 million person system of reservoirs and canals. In that regard, California’s population would long ago have stayed static, given the recent three decade exoduses of millions of residents tired of high income, sales, and gas taxes, and poor roads, schools, and law enforcement in return.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cocaine starves the brain of oxygen

Scientists can now SEE what is happening with cocaine in a mouse’s body. 

The Optical Society


For the first time, researchers have been able to prove “cocaine induced microischemia,” a precursor to stroke that arises when blood flow shuts down. The experiment was conducted on mice via cocaine injections. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hydro power to recharge your phone

In Seoul, Korea, they are taking advantage of the river to provide hydro power. To recharge cell phones!

Let’s send them some American greenies to protest against using the resources they have. But the greenies also use a lot of power.

Wall Street Journal South Korea blog

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jimmy Carter at home at Muslim event

President Jimmy Carter will be back home with his best friends, headlining Islamic Society of North America’s conference in Detroit this weekend.

ISNA was recently implicated by the Justice Department as the conduit for $12 million to Hamas, which is a designated terrorist group. Jimmy is at home. Jimmy will tell them how horrible Israel is. He knows; he wrote the book.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Learning math - Memorizing helps developmenet

Us common folks think part of kids learning math is memorizing the multiplication tables (and addition and some subtraction an division). The progressive math educators favor “discovery math,” which is telling the kids to find methods of, say, multiplying. Explore those methods and choose the one that works for them.

We say: Memorizing the “times” tables works.

Now neuroscientists say we are right. The memorization helps the brain in its development. Neuroscientists in Korea and the US did a study using brain scans and reported the journal Nature Neuroscience.

The development sequence is from counting to memorizing to high use of the skills. And memorizing moves the work from active use of the prefrontal cortex to the more passive memory recall from the hippocamus. That makes sense: At first you have to think about doing X, then with practice you do X without thinking.

Read more at National Post of Canada

Apple, you can't update your own software?

Apple gets a D for inability/unwillingness to keep its customers up to date.

Apple has been reminding me to install software updates. I don’t let it happen automatically, because I want to know what’s changed. After several reminders, I accepted an update to IMovie. Not because I use IMovie, but because I will be reminded to update it every two days forever.

Error. Not enough disk space. So I removed a few files and restarted my Macbook Pro, which always gains some. 

Error. Not enough disk space. There is 3.1 gigabytes. 3.1 gig is a lot of space. It is 2.4% of the “disk space” on this Mac.

I blame Apple because they are marketing Macs with small storage space - without disks, only flash memory. When I bought this Macbook Pro I bought - an Apple employee sold me - the Retina 128 Gb model. He impressed me with the superior speed of flash memory over a spinning hard disk. I didn’t buy the 256 Gb because it cost hundreds more. (And this Retina 128 Gb model cost a couple hundred more than the 160 Gb hard drive model.) The Apple employee didn’t tell me he was selling me a dysfunctional machine; that it didn’t have enough memory to enable it to accept updates of Apple’s own software.

I call that dysfunctional. Apple can blame no one but themselves. Apple controls the hardware and software on this Mac. It’s all theirs. Doesn’t work.

(I had walk-in support for a year. Then I could have dropped this problem on them. But it’s over, so it is my problem.) 

Monday, August 25, 2014

The un-PC 1900 travel guides from Baedekers

Daily Mail UK

An Englishman on holiday in Spain a century ago found a country with little to recommend it. Waking up on the first morning and consulting his guide book, he would have read the following description: ‘Spain is a bleak and often arid land, with few traces of picturesqueness.’
The towns, the guide continues, are wreathed in tobacco smoke and the cafes are ‘very deficient in comfort and cleanliness’. The guide further warns that the service from waiters, chambermaids and porters is generally very slack and that the traveller should always count his change.
In the Spanish countryside there is great danger of highway robbery, while in the cities the police will arrest anyone they can lay their hands on.

The railway carriages and omnibuses are so filthy that a clothes brush, a duster and some insect powder should always be at hand. As for the national sport of bull fighting, it is ‘the most unsportsmanlike and cowardly spectacle’ a civilised man will ever see.
This is the account of Spain given in the 1914 Baedeker Guide. These small, red books, bound in leather, were the first recourse for an Englishman abroad in the late 19th and early 20th century.

It’s a blast.

Seattle jihdists

For study later:

Michelle Malkin describes for four murders by cross-country serial killer Ali Muhammad Brown loose for two months. Three of the murders were in Seattle. And Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s defense of Islam. She continues by describing six other (one a pair) Washington State Anti-American, anti-Semitic jihadists.

Michelle Malkin