Monday, March 07, 2022

Gov. Inslee compares himself to Ukrainians fighting for their lives

 Gov Jay..? Hello? You are trying to jail people who you disagree with. Ever heard of the First Amendment of the Constitution? Free speech? Pres. S Joe Biden has said that he doubts the 2022 mid-term elections will be fair. Are you going to handcuff S Joe? Your law applies to politicians in office who lie about elections... So, yes, Biden's speech meets your definition of illegal speech. Economic Freedom

SB 5843 at Spokesman-Review

He is as brave as Ukrainians fighting for their lives. Uhhh? He says so. Jason Rantz at KTTH

Governor Jay Inslee has long suffered delusions of grandeur. But his latest comments are so over-the-top, it is legitimately worth questioning his mental fitness to do his job.

Gov. Inslee actually compared his failed fight to ban political speech he disagrees with to Ukrainians fighting for their lives against an evil tyrant.

Inslee’s bill sought to punish lawmakers and candidates with jail if they question elections. Ironically, it’s the kind of move someone takes when they actually plan on stealing elections. Luckily, it failed to garner support because it was so blatantly unconstitutional.