Sunday, June 01, 2014

My favorite webcams

Anacortes Guemes Channel Trail
My favorite webcams:

Puget Sound: The Space Needle in Seattle
- EarthCams

Anacortes, WA. Beautiful island city surrounded by water and islands. 
- Port of Anacortes (Traffic, not view, oriented)


Mt. St. Helens from Johnston Ridge 
- Visit Mt. St. Helens

Glacier National Park. My favorite is St. Mary. Linking to it doesn't work any more. Find it on this page:
- Glacier NP webcams

Yellowstone live video at Old Faithful Upper Basin. Static today.
- YNP 

Hawaii Volcanos NP - active, very active volcano. Sometimes it looks amazing at night; sometimes dull. Not video; refreshes every 10 minutes.
USGS Hawaii Volcanos

Grand Canyon, Arizona. Not functioning now.
- Grand Canyon NP 
Crater Lake NP, Oregon - NEW Great spot. Our recent visits always got us there at mid-day. But sunrises and sunsets are the best. Chose the first “View webcam” link: - Crater Lake NP
Big Sky Fishing's maintained directory of Montana web cams (and a few others)


Salmon and steelhead Two cams. One is seasonal only. WA Dept Fish and Wildlife - seals


Greenland - Icebergs in fjord at Hotel Arctic
- Hotel Arctic Uhh... Static, historic views. Via Watts Up With That "Good news from Greenland."



Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Cabo Weather Many are static. Casa Dorada was live last I looked.

Thailand - Time zone difference makes these interesting when most of the others go dark.
Ko Samui Island, several - Ko Samui 
Cho Phraya River in Bangkok - Live or not live today?

(Does our NP Service change web page addresses just to break the links of people like me?)

The image: Map of Anacortes, WA. Six marinas. One great park - Washington Park is the peninsula on the west edge. 

This is for my own daily convenience. Recreated June, 2023.

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