Wednesday, August 07, 2019

OK, Congressman Castro, now I will donate

A member of Congress doxxed * donors to his brother's opponent President Trump who are in his district. Joaqin Castro (D, TX) is the congressman; his brother the candidate is Julian Castro.  When he was asked if his disclosure might result in the people he named being harassed he say he didn't mean any harm. Then why did he spend money for a newspaper ad to disclose their names and associated companies and accuse them of being terrible people?


OK. I am sending a donation to President Trump's reelection campaign ASAP. Thanks to Castro for getting me going.


* Doxxing is posting in public the names and other information of people who had reason to expect privacy. This is semi-doxxing because donor information is public, but Castro intentionally put these people in the spotlight with a cruel accusation.


National Review