Friday, May 27, 2022

TV Journalist Jonathan Choe enabled to continue reporting

 Jonathan Choe worked for local Seattle TV for 15 years. But he was being constrained by his employer because he put out too much truth for his Seattle bosses. They don’t want a crisis, but on the street life is in crises. “Homeless camps” are not full of working people priced out of their rentals. They are populated by drug addicts who refuse housing that doesn’t allow them to continue their habit and those who sell the drugs. And the mentally ill who are released with inadequate support.

So he quit and found an organization that wants him to keep working and showing what is happening in Seattle. He is enabled by Discovery Institute of Seattle

Jonathan Choe at Discovery Institute:

Fix Homelessness

Friday, May 13, 2022

Free countries can flex; repressed ones break. Russia and China

Bret Stephens in New York Times has excellent insights today.

Putin’s quandary...

… Putin is belatedly discovering that the powers to humiliate, subvert and destroy are weaker forces than the powers to attract, inspire and build — powers free nations possess almost as a birthright. The Kremlin might yet be able to bludgeon its way to something it can call victory. But its reward will mainly be the very rubble it has created. The rest of Ukraine will find ways to flourish, ideally as a member of NATO and the European Union...

And China’s Potemkin economy. The leaders have to lie to themselves...

… For all its undeniable progress over 45 years, China remains a Potemkin regime obsessed with fostering aggrandizing illusions: about domestic harmony (aided by a vast system of surveillance and prison camps); about technological innovation (aided by unprecedented theft of intellectual property); about unstoppable economic growth (aided by manufactured statistics). The illusions may win status for Beijing. But they come with a heavy price: the systematic denial of truth, even to the regime itself.

Rulers who come to believe their own propaganda will inevitably miscalculate, often catastrophically. Look again at Putin, who really believed he had a competent military...

NY Times via a mystery source

Saturday, May 07, 2022

Biden called 74,000,00 Americans the most extreme in US history

 President S Joe Biden promised to unite us in his inaugural address. This week he said that the 74,000,000 people who voted for President Trump are the most extreme political movement in US history.

Did we lynch blacks? The KKK did. The Weather Underground bombed 25 places in the 1970s. Am I worse than them?

Please explain the problem to me.