Sunday, January 17, 2021

Queen of hearts impeachment

Congress held a Queen of Hearts trial this week. “Sentence first, then verdict” But their version was “convict first, then evidence… eh… no!”

Evidence? Steven D’Antuono, assistant director of the FBI’s Washington field office in a press conference Tuesday said that the FBI knew for weeks ahead that an attack was planned. Did Congress have a hearing to consider this evidence? No.

Source: Daily Beast 1/13/2021.

“Insurrection” means one thing in the news, another when spoken by a politician and another in the legal setting. Congress was supposed to use the legal definition. Did they have hearing so they could ask legal experts the relevant meaning of insurrection and whether it applied to their action Wednesday? No.

What did President Trump say on January 6? He said “we will walk to the Capitol” He said “… to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” And he did not say otherwise elsewhere in that speech. I consider that to be evidence.

Leftist activists including John Sullivan of Utah have been arrested for what they did at the Capitol that day. Were they leftist Trump supporters? Did Congress ask them? Did they ask them why they were there? No.

Hearings? Evidence? Didn't see any; didn't look for it. It would have taken time, but they had to convict now! We expect such defiance of common sense and legal proceedings from Nancy Pelosi. But not from Republicans elected to Congress.