Thursday, July 09, 2020

Do you want me to wear this mask?

Some people chant “just wear a d... mask”. I have two N95 masks. N95s are designed to protect the wearer, not others. Not all N95s are the same; some even have a one-way valve, so that exhaling is not filtered at all. Are you safe if I wear my N95s?

Historically masks have been designed to stop the exhalation of bacteria. The Wuhan virus is much smaller - about 1/10. Fast Company I could wear a bandana and give the appearance of wearing a mask when there are only 2 thin layers of cloth. I doubt that protects either the wearer or others, but it looks like you did something. Do you want me to wear a bandana?

Some people are careful to clean their masks. But many say "just wear a d... mask." Do they want me to wear a dirty one?

I wear a mask as required. When I enter a business the mask goes on one step before and off one step after exiting. 

Outside fresh air and vitamin D help more than filtering the oxygen I need when no one is near. The virus's life in fresh air is seconds. When doing my daily one-hour walk I carry a mask to put on when I encounter fearful people, but only when 6 feet cannot be maintained. Gov. Jay made not wearing a mask a crime. But outside it's only when you are within 6 feet of another person. So that's what I do.

The mask show: Our governor is getting better at it. He shows up wearing a mask, then gets caught taking it off when he is off camera. He doesn't get caught so often now, but it appears to be for show for Gov. Jay!!

I don’t think any one-line chant applies to maximizing the health of the public in this difficult situation. Wear what mask -- when -- where -- based on science?