Friday, April 26, 2024

Israel's chances against Iran are looking better - much better

 I am feeling better about the threat Iran poses to Israel. Good news on both Israel’s defense and offense - see the link. And… when Iran attacks Israel its weapons are so crummy that they might hit Jordan or Saudi Arabia - an act of war! - and Israel will get help from its neighbors.

First Hanson talks about the details. 

Iran's Nightmares | RealClearPolitics:

Now that the soil of both Iran and Israel is no longer sacred and immune from attack, the mystique of the Iranian nuclear threat has dissipated.

It should be harder for the theocracy to shake down Western governments for hostage bribes, sanctions relief, and Iran-deal giveaways on the implied threat of Iran successfully nuking the Jewish state.

The new reality is that Iran has goaded an Israel that has numerous nuclear weapons and dozens of nuclear-tipped missiles in hardened silos and on submarines. Tehran has zero ability to stop any of these missiles or sophisticated fifth-generation Israeli aircraft armed with nuclear bombs and missiles.