Thursday, October 27, 2005

Circular Firing Squad

I oppose conservative who take aim and shoot at their own. Wait for the hearings. It's one thing to have doubts about nominee Harriet Miers; to ask questions. But it's quite another to raise the bar. Since Judge Robert Bork was "Borked" in the 1980s we have asked for the nomination process to be fair. We have opposed the groups who focus only one getting rid of court nominees. People against the American Way; they say "for." NAARL National Abortion Rights League. To add injury and insult to the debate, our conservative pundits/leaders have joined the dirty campaign. David Frum formed an interest group and raised $300,000 to take out ads against Miers. Better Justice I expect their website to disappear now that they have defeated President Bush. Borkers Here is the list of people I have respected that I will now watch out for. What other self-inflicted wounds to they have for us?
  • Stephen M. Bainbridge
  • Mona Charen
  • Linda Chavez
  • David Frum
  • Heather MacDonald
  • Virginia Postrel
I don't have direct knowledge of these people: E.C. Birg, Ephraim (Fry) Wernick, Roger Clegg, George Conway, Michael Dokupil Go your own way. You have used up the credibility you had earned with me. I might trust your research, but I don't trust your judgment. This list is only those who raised $300,000 to take out ads. I have no problem with Robert Bork, John Fund and others who spoke. And Linda Chavez rejects email to the address she gives on her site. And they claim that they will force President Bush to nominate a Boston-Washington elite judge. Which seem to be their criteria of a qualified candidate, in others words a better nominee. But they handed a victory to Senator Chuckie Schumer and his gang. They didn't know there are politics in this process; Bush did. After defeating the president we will get a worse nominee.


Anonymous said...

I expect the new nominee to be Alberto Gonzales--whether or not he's a worse choice will depend on who you ask, though I suspect he's not who the people you list had in mind.

Ron said...

And these people don't want Alberto Gonzales. I agree he is very likely to be the next choice.

They burned President Bush; should Bush ask their advice? I wouldn't.

I am Coyote said...

Actually Gonzales will suffer the "document" deficit that killed Miers.

The Senate will ask for documents because there is not enough info on him. The WH signaled they will not fight that argument with Miers.

No, it won't be Gonzales, but probably scAlito.

And in so doing will raise the candlel power of the SCOTUS by a power of 100.