Thursday, February 16, 2006

Allowing Small Businesses to Grow

The heart of our economy is the small businesses that start up to fill needs everywhere in almost every market. The Washington Policy Institute has been holding conferences since 2003 on what small businesses need and providing information. Governor Gregoire the Queen keynoted one of the sessions at SeaTac in 2005. Let them talk; they know what they need. Affording health care coverage for their employees is their top priority. They want to, but the State of Washington keeps making it harder. With good intentions the Legislature keeps adding requirements and each one raises the cost and makes it harder to afford. Also at the top - the complicated requirements and procedures of the state workers' compensation and unemployment systems. And there are many more concerns - transportation, taxes, water, tort reform. First, read the press release. Then the full report (PDF). And the Olympian has an article.

Resort blogging: Where's the WiFi? We are going for four days to Whistler, BC, Canada. Great spot.

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