Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rev. Dale Turner

A fine, positive man passed away in Lake Forest Park, WA, yesterday. Rev. Dale Turner was a Congregational minister who spread a very positive view of mankind, how a positive attitude helps and having one. He retired about 24 years ago, then wrote a newspaper column until a year ago. His theology was pretty liberal for me. But I totally appreciated his positive message. I heard him speak at least once. He passed out cards with positive phrases on them. They were fun for their variety - in shape, paper color, ink color and font. Since he lived in my suburban city I have seen him a few times. And last September when I was working at the polls he and his wife came in to vote. I asked him about his book that had recently been published. He answered my question, then thanked me for asking! The Seattle Times featured him on the front page today.

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