Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pork - that's my job - Senator Patty

Our Washington senior US senator tells it as it is. Pork is job one. KIRO TV:
... Senator Murray told her she supports them. Hear why: "I think earmarks, so called earmarks should have full light of day, full public disclosure. People should know where they come from and we should have to justify them with our votes, and I'm happy to do that. But earmarks are especially critical to states like us that are 2,300 miles away from here. I shouldn't expect a small community in Enumclaw or Othello or Cahuilla to try to figure out how to get back here to Washington. D.C. and find their way to some agency that's almost impossible to get into to tell them how important and critical a transportation project or an economic development project or a housing project is. That's my job. I work with those communities bring their priorities here, work with all of them and put them in and those are so-called earmarks and I'm going to keep doing that."
Porker Patty

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