Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mugabe makes dog food causing people to starve

Robert Mugabe continues to run Zimbabwe into the ground. Zimbabwe used to export food every year. But now There is an absolute shortage of grain to feed the people. So what is Mugabe doing with their precious grain? Making dog food. The Scotsman
THE state-run grain company in Zimbabwe has turned to making luxury dog food, while up to four million of the country's people starve. Doggy's Delight is a new product from the Grain Marketing Board (GMB), the only firm to which farmers are allowed to sell their wheat and maize. It is supposed to supply millers with grain for flour to make bread. But, in addition to making dog food, the company has announced that it will focus on poultry feeds this year. Recent figures show Zimbabwe has a 360,000-tonne shortfall of maize – used to make the staple mealie-meal – and a 255,000-tonne wheat shortfall. That means more than a third of Zimbabweans are likely to need food aid in the run-up to presidential and parliamentary elections in March, according to aid agencies.
----------------- Also: Barclay's bank is funding Mugabe's land grab. The Scotsman again

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