Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Poland launches campaign to lure back migrant workers

The ultimate resource's value continues to increase. The term was from Julian Simon's conclusion from studying resources. Raw materials have no value until people find use for them. There is no natural resource, only resources made valuable by people. And the most valuable resource is - people. In Poland economic growth has increased the demand for labor. In past years they were glad to see their people leave for employment in Western Europe. Today they need them back. Poland is advertising for them! Good news. Poland launches campaign to lure back migrant workers - Home News, UK - The Independent: For nearly four years, Britain's construction and hospitality industries have flourished thanks to the influx of an estimated one million Polish workers – but now Poland wants them back. The Warsaw government is so worried about a national labour shortage in the professions that it plans to advertise in the UK to encourage expatriate Poles to return to the country that many of them left after it joined the European Union. According to Polish media reports, the adverts will soon appear in English and Polish-language newspapers in this country. They are part of a wider campaign by the newly elected government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who swept to power six months ago with a pledge to encourage migrant workers to return.

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