Monday, May 05, 2008

Hypocrisy Alert - If gas guzzlers are so evil, why does Obama keep - Update riding in them?

If gas guzzlers are so evil, why does Obama keep riding in them? Michelle Malkin
There he goes again. Barack Obama is lambasting Detroit’s Big 3 automakers again for manufacturing SUVs. He attacked the car companies over the weekend for making the “mistake” of investing in SUVs and large trucks instead of producing more fuel-efficient vehicles. Obama also bragged about his Big 3- bashing speech a year ago that delivered “the kind of truth-telling we need from the next president.” A truth-telling reminder of the gas-guzzling car Obama himself was driving before eco-hypocrisy caught up with him: His own car: Chrysler 300C Output: 340 hp, 390 lb-ft EPA fuel economy, city/highway: 17/25 (17/24 AWD) His fancy wheels got less than the standard 27 mpg that he now whines is too low. After his do-as-i-say-ism was exposed, he traded in his beast for a Ford Escape Hybrid. But on the campaign trail, to this day, it’s still the bigger the better. [photo of Him getting into a shiny black monster SUV] Obama’s eco-hypocrisy emission standard: High.


The London Daily Mail documents many more eco-hypocrites: - John Travolts owns 5 jets. - Sting travels with a retinue of 750 people. - Chris Martin of Coldplay brags about low-impact tours. But he flies home and back multiple times during one "tour." - Leonardo DiCaprio the Learjet liberal, flies "as much as possible on commercial," which is infrequently. - Brad and Angelina criss-cross the country in their private jets. - Barbra Streisand tells us to cut down on laundry. She flies on private jets. - Madonna is really trying. Her carbon footprint is 100 times the average Brit. - Prince Charles brought 14 people with him when he traveled to the US to accept an environmental award. And his sons travel the UK in military Chinook helicopters.

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