Wednesday, November 25, 2009

787 still tracking for Dec. 22nd first flight

According to a good, nonofficial source. The airplane enthusiasts keep on top of what's going on and are pretty reliable. They have inside sources, plus they watch the flightline every day. They even gather to watch factory rollouts; it's not hard to do because it is next to a freeway and, even better, going to the flightline the aircraft cross the freeway. All things 787
According to sources Boeing is still tracking to a first flight on December 22nd. Boeing hopes to start testing the fix on the static air frame after the Thanksgiving holidays (next week) and verify what their computer models are telling them. Once that is complete then the way should be clear to restart pre-flight gauntlet tests followed by taxi tests and then first flight. Additionally, the remainder of the test fleet as well as the production models completed thus far should go through the side of body modification in fairly rapid order. I would expect that Boeing should have a good understanding if the side of body modifications work soon after they complete the tests. They will still have to review the test results with the FAA and get their approval prior to the continuation of the test program.

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