Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Rain and Sun in Ketchikan

We are in Ketchikan, Alaska on a cruise. Sunny leaving Seattle Sunday. Rainy along Vancouver Island Monday. Rain and a touch of sun in the "Salmon Capital." Also the rain capital - 160 inches per year.

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Additional: We did an unusual shore excursion. We went snorkeling. The insulation for cold water is cumbersome - wet suit with hood, booties and gloves. And to be able to dive at all you need a weight belt to overcome the flotation of all that insulation. The viewing was not very good because we had only a few minuts of sun. But the water was clear and there was plenty of interesting sea life. Several starfish - small five pointers and large 20 pointers. Two or three varieties of sea urchins. Kelp crabs. I forgot to ask - a pink body the size of an apricot on a one-inch stalk with small white spines. And the guides dove and brought up a sea cucumber. The small fish were too fleeting and dull in color to make note of. I think their business is Snorkel Alaska. Not cheap, but I recommend any swimmer to go snorkeling in Alaska.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!! We also thoroughly enjoyed going snorkeling in Ketchikan!