Saturday, January 21, 2012

Charlottesville to avoid the snow

To avoid the snow and ice in Seattle... And we got freezing rain.

We flew to Charlottesville, VA, Tuesday morning. Good timing. The same flight left more than 4 hours late on Wednesday and was cancelled Thursday. (Go to and select an airport, date, and time to see how many flights were cancelled or severely late.)

We had two cold days with sunshine. Then a partly sunny day ending with freezing rain. It took Gini over 20 minutes to thaw the car - I am still down sick for the second day.

It's a beautiful, historic area - University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson & Monticello. But it sure is hot and sticky in the summer. And it's far enough inland to get snow, but coastal enough to have had one hurricane pass over while our family members have lived here.

Update: The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was closed due to ice falling from the 500-foot-high towers! NWCN

Photo: The Rotunda at University of Virginia. Appears to be from New York Times, date unknown.

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