Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Books to lend; one to give

I have two interesting books I want to lend to someone who will read them.

Land of Lincoln by Andrew Ferguson, 2007, autographed. 

What is Lincoln's place in our lives today? Ferguson has a life-long interest. He hit the road to the three places Lincoln lived, talked to memorabilia collectors and witnessed at least one conference of Lincoln fans - lots of impersonators of all sizes! 

Mao, the unknown story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, 2005.

A long, thorough, footnoted history book which includes interviews with Mao associates who have never before spoken. They show the Long March to be true but mythologized beyond recognition: 
- Chiang Kai Chek's army knew where the originally 80,000 force was - his airplanes circled over every day - and could have stopped them. And Mao invented a battle at the crossing of the Dadu River which journalist Edgar Snow swallowed.

But it is bone chilling to read how evil Mao was. He terrorized every one. Even Chou En Lai, his most loyal sub leader; Mao denied him the medical care he needed after 30 years of loyal service.


A Life Against the Grain: the autobiography of an unconventional economist by Julian L. Simon.
One of my favorite intellectuals. The most effective explainer of the high value of people: ordinary people.

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