Monday, December 24, 2012

Liberals want benefits for higher incomes

We can start cutting spending by agreeing across the aisle that taxpayer money go only to those who need it - those with problems and low incomes - not those with high incomes. We agree, right? Wrong.

First, the government-can-do-everything people see broader support for the policies of funding social programs if the payments are broader. Logical, though a very weak argument.

But it goes much farther. The liberal establishment is so intent on getting more and more people dependent on the government that they resist the common-sense test that taxpayer money not go to those far above the poverty line. It's for Solidarity, "we are all in this together." So if we go to the same socialized health care clinics then we suffer together. (But ObamaCare doesn't put you and your Congressman with the same doctors.) If we all cash Social Security checks together…. Come on, get real. There is no common experience in seeing our automatically deposited checks arriving once a month.

But it is part of their big picture. Everyone dependent.

Mickey Kaus at Daily Caller

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