Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Jay Inslee tried to get attention this week.

Our Gov. Jay Inslee didn’t tell us his job was part-time. I don’t think it is, but he is part-time. He is regularly at press conferences in California and small events in Iowa and New Hampshire, while spending $4 million of our taxes for security while out of state. He focuses his brave run for president on climate change. He is so successful that in aggregation of polls he is getting 0.6, that is less than 1 per cent! He is behind people you haven’t heard of like Julian Castro and someone named Bullock, tied for #13 with two guys from Colorado and someone named Delaney.

So how can Gov. Jay break out? Play clown? He made a proposal that doesn’t pass the smirk test - to nominate a soccer star to be secretary of state in his imaginary administration, because she has inspired us so much. Wow. How brave of him!
See American Thinker.

But with Gov. Jay’s failure to get to 1.0 (per cent) another candidate is announced who will carry Jay’s platform of climate change. Tom Steyer. People tell me he has less charisma that Kamala Harris. But he can spend $100 million of his oil and coal money on his fantasy run. (Yes. He got rich on coal. Powerline)
See RealClearPolitics.

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