Sunday, June 05, 2022

You shouldn't be forced to pay my student loan!!!

Senator Cantwell

Senator Murray

3 June 2022

Why should people who didn’t attend college pay for those who did? NO. They shouldn’t. If a person takes out a loan they promise to pay it back. In our world they do what they promised. You are from here - within a mile or two - so you should not be a long way from our world. The world where adults are responsible for their own action.

We paid our ways through college. Our daughters finished college with debts they quickly paid off. We didn’t ask you to pay our way.

Pres. Biden can’t cancel a loan. He just transfers it to truck drivers. If there was fraud in Corinthian Colleges, then they should pay - not me. And even if the fraud was a reason for taxpayers to pay it doesn’t transfer to Biden’s *beloved* White House staff who feel burdened by the $ millions they promised to pay. But… now they don’t want to pay.

Please stop Biden from the irresponsible action which he has no authority to do.

Ron Hebron

Lake Forest Park, WA

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