Saturday, November 26, 2022

President is hurting student borrowers in several ways - and you

 President S Joe Biden is hurting those he claims to help those w/ student loans. And is hurting you and me.

First, he knows he cannot “forgive” the loans. That is giving away taxpayer funds and only Congress can do that. And saying he will do what he cannot gives the borrowers false hope.

Second, Due to this false hope some students are now borrowing more than they would have. Because it’s “free money.” So they are taking risks with their own futures. Risks they would not have taken without Joe’s false promises.

Third, Many borrowers now say they refuse to pay; false hope again. But that puts them deeper in the hole, another risk.

[First law of holes: When you are in a hole stop digging.]

New York Post

Fourth, In September he proudly declared the pandemic over. CBS News  Later, when he announced this forgiveness he said it was for relief from the pandemic. Not a true statement. (I have heard that Since #4 was shot down in court now he is using a law to give relief to post-9/11 soldiers in war zones. Uhhhh, Joe!? Source uncertain)

Fifth, He got votes with this false promise, knowing the courts should/would kill it. They voted for his candidates!

The scary part is that the students fell for it - American Thinker:

That is the damage to current and future borrowers. How about us? Joe is making you pay for someone else’s loan.  Joe is making truck drivers pay the loans of highly paid medical doctors and attorneys. (At least let me meet the person I am sugar daddy to.)


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