Friday, January 26, 2024

Pres. S Joe Biden plans to cut natural gas exports, double crossing Europe

Where can Europe get natural gas? President S Joe cut off Russian natural gas to Europe due to Ukraine. Their few alternate sources include liquified natural gas (LNG) from the US.

But Joe is planning to restrict US exports. Sabotaging Europe!? Because of climate change, you know.


The Biden administration’s climate-driven rethinking of U.S. natural gas exports is spooking Europe’s fragile energy industry.

The reassessment of how the Department of Energy approves gas export permits, first reported by POLITICO, threatens to stall projects that Europe depends on to meet its energy demands while it tries to counter Russia’s war in Ukraine. It’s just the latest example of how U.S. policy priorities — in this case, reducing reliance on carbon-polluting fossil fuels — can create headaches for European leaders and even frustrate the transatlantic allies’ shared security goals.

And now his minions won’t talk about, that is admit, what they plan to do.

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