Monday, June 06, 2005

He who counts the votes makes the rules

In Washington, the state, the judge found that there were 1800 illegal votes cast and it's OK. Apparently for an illegal vote to be overturned the person who cast it has to swear an oath that he cast the vote and he was not entitled to. That's the only way. But what if the person who lied when he cast the vote also lied when asked about it? And there is no penalty for a politician to set up a county's election office to drop so many of the controls required by law that it can't get within 1,000 votes of the audit checks. Stefan Sharkansky at Sound Politics says it is the Josef Stalin rule:
He who counts the votes makes the rules
The gap in the race for governor was 139. It is exceed 13 times by the 1800 illegal votes. 13 times more illegals. But it's OK. The judge says so. He put the burden explicitly on the voters to hold elected officials and elections officials accountable for these problems. So his suggested relief for those who want honest votes: vote out the dishonest politicians who stole the election. Tell us, Judge Bridges, how do we vote them out when they count the votes? Do we pay him to deliver wisdom so deep? Stefan at has done an outstanding job of rooting out the improprieties and spreading the word. Thank you, Stefan.

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tradersmith said...

But if you want judges to interpret the law, Bridges did that.

If you want activist judges who take a terrible law and try to divine intent and make the law a 'good' law, then you are on the D side.

As much as I wanted justice to be meted out, I respected the decision. As much as I wanted Bridges to interpret a crummy law to make it reasonable, the overriding separation of powers issue was enough to let me accept the decision.

He was very clear that the election may have been stolen.