Thursday, June 09, 2005

Where Bill Is

Can Seattle's best-know resident be seen? Of course Bill Gates lives in Medina and works in Redmond - in the greater Seattle area, not the city. The only time I have seen him was at a national conference held in Seattle. But I was a guest of the sponsors - the math teachers - and I was waiting back stage for the event to start while the speaker, Bill Gates, was 30 feet away going over his presentation. I sat in the second row and got to speak to Bill in front of 1200 people; I asked him a question from the floor. Thursday's Seattle Times has a feature story on where Bill lives and hangs out. Your best bet is the BurgerMaster hamburger drive-in on the north side of highway 520 in Bellevue. Twenty years ago, before Redmond, Microsoft had their campus across the freeway plus the building next door. And Bill is well known for liking a good hamburger.
Seattle Times

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