Friday, March 10, 2006

Democrats win on ports and blame Bush

We can't make this up. Blame Bush for everything. The Democrats are so concerned about national security that they vetoed the operation of some port facilities by Dubai Ports World. Some facts here: DPW was not going to be in charge of security. DPW was not "buying" the ports. They won. Thursday DPW agreed to allow a US company to own the operations. They won. So they blame President Bush. On Good Morning America the line is Bush pulled a fast one to save his reputation. Bush did what they say is the right thing - what they say they wanted - but because Bush did it, it was the wrong thing to do. Well, I guess it takes the issue off the table to score political points for distinguished Senator Chuckie Schumer and his Democratics. To prove that they care one micron about national security. And now we know who writes the Tele-Prompter for Good Morning America, the Comedy Channel. But we are the losers. Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are among our best allies in the Middle East and this port operation deal should have been approved. Rush can brag about being right on this.

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