Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Look at beautiful, mysterious Olympic National Park

Apparently a new Seattle resident Gerald Van der Leun blogs at American Digest. He made a trip to the wet side of the Olympic Mountains on Washington's Pacific coast last weekend.
This let me know that I was well on my way to what is probably the greatest collection of moss in the Northern Hemisphere, the Hoh Rain Forest. I stopped in a small store on the way in where the woman behind the counter had been waiting patiently for at least a week to sell something to somebody. She sold me a rain coat. "You'll probably need it seeing that you are going to a rain forest." What could I do but agree? Besides, it was lined with the holy fabric of the Pacific Northwest, fleece, and it doubled my holdings. Correctly attired, waterproof, I pushed on up the road past local inhabitants -- [photo of majestic elk at close range]
Great photos.

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