Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Great News Hidden

You don't hear about the booming US economy. Because President Bush would get credit; the news media won't ever do that. Lawrence Kudlow reports:
Following a meeting with his economic advisors at Camp David, the president let 'er rip, stating that, "The foundation of our economy is solid, and it's strong. Because of the tax cuts we passed, American workers and families and small businesses are keeping more of the money they earn. And they're using that money to drive this economy of ours forward." Could he be any clearer?
And how about the distinguished economists? There's no counting how many recessions Times columnist Paul Krugman has predicted, but Mr. Bush was exactly right to point out 4% real GDP growth during the first half of 2006, brisk productivity rates, 5.5 million new jobs over the past three years, and a historically low 4.8% unemployment rate. Mr. Bush's critics say he's whistling past the graveyard. But the president rightly insists that, "The entrepreneurial spirit in the country is strong, and that's good for America."

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