Monday, October 30, 2006

ACLU, go accomplish something

The American Criminal Lawyers Union, I mean the ACLU, claims to work for our liberties. But they spend their time on the biggest threats to liberty - nativity scenes. Huh? And same-sex classes in schools. Huh? Unfogged reports:
The Education Department recently announced that they are giving school districts more latitude for implementing single-sex classes and schools. The ACLU and a bunch of feminist organizations are in a huff because they say that it is condoning discrimination and are threatening to sue.
She has first-hand knowledge:
I think that's a bad move - I went to a single-sex high school and believe I got far more out of it than I would have in a coeducational setting. I think a lot of what I gained from the experience ties into LB's post about the lack of female pundits and what m. leblanc had to say about women's comments being ignored. I'd always been outspoken in class but it wasn't until I was at an all-girls school that I felt my comments were heard and challenged.
And she has previous analysis of the lack, not lack, lower numbers, of female pundits.

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