Friday, January 26, 2007

Net Neutrality NOT

Don't fall for the political maneuvering called "net neutrality." It is the big content providers trying to get a free ride on routes paid for by other companies. This is Google, Amazon, Yahoo and MSN. They want others to build the road and pay for it, then the owners have no priority on using the resource they paid for; Google would get full use without paying. Timothy Lee writes at

Do you trust government to regulate the Internet, which has flourished precisely because government has left it alone?

... For those unfamiliar with the deceptively-named “Net Neutrality,” it is simply the federal government dictating price controls upon companies offering Internet access. Moreover, it constitutes corporate welfare on behalf of powerful behemoths such as Google and

Don’t be fooled by “Net Neutrality” proponents. The fact that they selected such a deceptive name is the first red flag. Proponents contend that introducing government regulation to the Internet will somehow protect consumers. Can you think of the last time that increased bureaucratic regulation accomplished such a feat?

The reality is that “Net Neutrality” will only weaken incentives to launch next-generation broadband services and build new networks.

One of the fathers of the internet, some say The Father, Robert Kahn firmly rejects "net neutrality" at The Register:
Kahn rejected the term "Net Neutrality", calling it "a slogan". He cautioned against dogmatic views of network architecture, saying the need for experimentation at the edges shouldn't come at the expense of improvements elsewhere in the network.
We certainly don't want future development slowed for any reason. Least of all to put money in the pockets of the successful entrepreneurs at Google and Microsoft. Lee explains it well.

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