Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Anonymous Mail - Prosecutor McKay fired for nonperformance

I must have had a letter published in the local Seattle Times. I received an anonymous post card, mailed from Everett, Washington 982--. If the writer had anything serious to say he would have put his signature with his 24-cent stamp. I found it on Sunday March 18, 2007:

The case in chief Exhibit A, McKay: Proof of negligence from 2004 investigation [their headline]

U.S. Attorney John McKay of the Seattle office should have been fired for nonperformance ["McKay 'stunned' by report on Bush," News, March 13]. In the 2004 election, unregistered people voted, people voted twice, dead people voted, people were registered to vote where they don't live. There was evidence of all of this. Did McKay investigate? No, he didn't. Why? Because there wasn't enough evidence? How did he know if he didn't investigate? McKay should have been fired earlier, so a new prosecutor could look into the known cases of voter fraud. Our elections are too important to allow illegal votes. — Ron Hebron, Lake Forest Park
Normally they call or email to confirm before publishing. But they know me well enough to skip that step; I have had letters published every year for about 15 years - one to four per year. One time they published two of my letters in the same week!

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