Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Global warming Arctic trek cancelled due to frostbite

Two women started on a 530-mile trek from Canada to the North Pole to bring attention to global warming. They cancelled after traveling 18 miles due to tempertures of -103F and frostbite. They had special suits for swimming across the breaks in the ice due to warming. Their explanation: Global warming can cause "extreme unpredictable changes in temperature." Yes, minus 103F. This is not ScappleFace. That is the news story from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:
Then it got colder at night than even they had anticipated, possibly as low as -103 degrees outside their tent and -58 inside. In cold like that, they couldn't do much to warm up Arnesen's battered toes. "We've had a tough time, because of the cold, because of our gear," Bancroft said in an audio message posted Saturday on the Internet. "And so we're struggling." Monday, expedition coordinators announced that the two explorers had determined it was too dangerous to keep going.
And ...
The two had traveled about 18 miles by the time they had returned to Ward Hunt Island.
They didn't swim any. Tip: American Thinker

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