Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dying to get out of Cuba

Thursday three Cuba army draftees got in a shootout trying to get out of Castro's Communist Cuba by highjacking an airplane. It put the spotlight on the fact that people are willing to risk their lives to escape Castro's "socialist paradise." News - Herald South Africa:
Army deserters killed a Cuban military officer on Thursday during a failed attempt to hijack an airplane at Havana's airport and flee to the United States, the interior ministry said. Armed with AK-47 rifles, the two deserters entered the airport at dawn in a bus with several hostages and boarded a parked plane without crew or passengers, the ministry said in a statement
Investors Business Daily Editorial:
This isn't the first time Cuba's rank and file have turned their weapons on their officers. In February, three other teenage conscripts turned their weapons on two officers in Santiago, also trying to escape the island after a prisoner they were guarding offered to show them how. But last week's public incident made world headlines and embarrassed the Cuban regime, which then denounced the soldiers as "terrorists" and blamed the U.S.
Hey, Fidel! The people love their dictator, but they risk their lives trying to escape your prison camp island. Is something wrong?

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