Thursday, January 01, 2009

Canada's health care monopoly: A Short Course in Brain Surgery

Many people want the dream of taking all health-care decisions away from individuals and leaving them to the "single payer" government. And no one is uninsured. But look at Canada. That benefit comes at the high cost of denied care. The high-tech, higher-cost procedures are burdened by long waiting times and DENIAL. When the caring bureaucrats says "No," it doesn't mean the system won;t pay for it, but You Can't Have the Surgery. Just plain NO. Canadians have a safety outlet - the US border. Every day Canadians drive or fly into the US and pay for their own care - that Canada denied. The key factor is often time. In many cases the bureaucrats will eventually approve, then the wait of weeks or months for the surgeon and facility to be available. If the patient survives, she gets the care. But many don't survive. On The Fence Films :: A Short Course in Brain Surgery:
In A Short Course in Brain Surgery, filmmaker Stuart Browning shows the callousness of "single-payer", government-run health care systems as practiced in Ontario, Canada. His film highlights the plight of Lindsay McCreith, an Ontario man with a cancerous brain tumor who went to Buffalo, NY to receive the timely medical care that is rationed in his home country.
It's only a few minutes. Watch it.

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