Monday, January 26, 2009

Nancy Pelosi claims that $100 million for contraception will 'stimulate' the economy

The left has one priority that always stays on top. Abortion - call it something else, but it's still abortion. Will her proposed funding do what she claims? Prove it. But it does end a lot of lives. Priorities. American Thinker Blog STEPHANOPOULOS: Hundreds of millions of dollars to expand family planning services. How is that stimulus? PELOSI: Well, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children's health, education and some of those elements are to help the states meet their financial needs. One of those - one of the initiatives you mentioned, the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government. STEPHANOPOULOS: So no apologies for that? PELOSI: No apologies. No. we have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy.

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