Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is ObamaCare consitutional? Debate Thursday

Cato Institute Senior Fellow Ilya Shapiro will be debating against the constitutionality of ObamaCare Thursday at University of Washington. The UW Law School had a one-sided "debate" in March 30 because they could not find anyone who would take the "un" side. Seattle Times. Where did they look? The Hub? Seattle has a Federalist Society. Come on! Shapiro is traveling here from I don't know where for the debate plus another event:
The Debate, sponsored by UW Law School, Federalist Society and other groups 4:30 pm Thursday May 27 Room 138 of William H. Gates Hall at U of Washington Law School This is mentioned in a post on the developments this week in the court battle at Cato@Liberty Blog. The Seattle Times also.
ON A DIFFERENT TOPIC the night before:
Shapiro will speak about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. 6:30 pm Wednesday May 26 Washington Athletic Club, sponsored by Puget Sound Federalist Society Lawyers Chapter Cost $25 - Registration required - Contact Michael Bindas (206) 341-9300 mbindas AT Posted on the Sound Politics Public Calendar

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