Friday, May 07, 2010

Now we know why the 787 is delayed

Now we know. The 787 is delayed by a shortage of mens' bathrooms at the Charleston, South Carolina, plant. Post and Courier
... The male workers spoke of lines that, at times, snake out of the restroom areas. "Sometimes, there's a waiting line, and the waiting line isn't insignificant," Tom McCarty [President of SPEEA, the engineers' union] said. Female employees reportedly have not faced a similar problem, likely because fewer women work at the plant, he said. McCarty said he requested a meeting with local Boeing officials, who initially agreed, but pushed back the sessions to a point where the groups never were able to get together. Boeing Charleston spokeswoman Candy Eslinger would not disclose the number of bathrooms on site, saying only that the facilities met local building code requirements. ...
I was just listening to an interview of P. J. O'Rourke on the radio... This is news, not humor.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Can we not acquire some Port o Potty's in the name of creating the world's largest commercial airliner?

Unknown said...
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