Friday, July 16, 2010

A man who...

President Obama went to Michigan to give $300 million to an $11 billion Korean corporation. He called Governor Granholm who caused a recession in Michigan in 2007 while the rest of the US was booming "one of the best." (Michigan had lost jobs for six straight years of Granholm rule as of 2007.) He focused on alternate energy, while traveling in a 10 mpg car that was flown in at great cost. And he went out of the way to insult his host. Detroit News:
Obama couldn’t even get his manners right. Ever the partisan, he took a shot at his host, Holland Congressional representative Pete Hoekstra who was in the audience. Despite opposing the Recovery Act, Hoekstra attended the ground-breaking ceremony, he told The View, “out of respect for the office of president.” The respect was not returned. "Some made the political calculation that it's better to obstruct than to lend a hand,” sneered Obama at the end of his remarks. “Now that doesn't stop them from being at ribbon cuttings, but that's OK."
A man who... is a jerk.

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