Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Discovery Institute to communicate moral capitalism

Discovery Institute launched a new program Tuesday:

The Center on Wealth, Poverty and Morality

Mission: To connect the practical truths of economics with the perennial truths of ethics. Building a sustained and accessible defense of free enterprise, entrepreneurship and stewardship in the moral categories consonant with most Americans.

Jay Richards (Ph.D.) is the director. He received a Templeton Prize for his book Money, Greed and God. His new book, Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family and Freedom Before It's Too Late has been the absolute number one bestseller on Amazon recently.

George Gilder is the Chair. George has a long, distinguished career. He took apart the sexual revolution in his book Men and Marriage in the 1970s. He has a long string of watching the technologies that are bringing about the massive increase in computer storage, processing power and data transmission and the even larger changes this combination makes possible. His recent book, The Israel Test, describes the explosive growth in creativity and entrepreneurship in tiny Israel that have made it a world technology giant.

Michael Medved - national talk-show host and author - is a senior fellow. Link

Scott Powell joins Discovery as a senior fellow from Hoover Institute at Stanford University.

During the Q and A an attendee asked if the greed of the financial institutions in the recent melt-down was enough to convince them that more regulation is now needed. I wish I was watching George Gilder's temperature rise during the question, because he was boiling when he responded. "The financial industry is the most regulated ... Sarbanes Oxley was to correct Enron, but it hit the whole industry ... Dodd-Frank hobbles our US industry ..."

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