Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Move to US; can't create it in Europe

Like Tricorder the scanner they used in Star Trek to analyze "life forms" aka living beings --  The health scanner is close to reality due to the work of Walter De Brouwer, the founder and CEO of Scanadu.
… most of the devices are either American-made or designed. And not European. De Brouwer himself, a Belgian national, recently moved to California in order to start work on the Tricorder. 
“People who decide to live in Silicon Valley are larger than life,” he says. “They are romantics, not afraid to take risks or to fail.” But most of all, he says, they are happy to listen to other people's ideas "with a willing suspension of disbelief,” citing English 19th-century poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 
… "In Europe," he says, "people are of the extreme cautionist school - they only do something if it has proven to work in the US.” De Brouwer takes the example of the VScan handheld ultrasound device, recently presented by General Electric. “In Europe, people would say: It can’t be done. In the US they say: It will be done.” 
And what about the Tricorder? Would it have been possible to build in Europe? 
“No,” says De Brouwer. “First in the US, then in Europe.”

Via No-Pasaran.

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