Wednesday, June 06, 2012

D Day 68 years ago

The D Day invasion of France in World War II was today in 1944. The weather was unpredictable. The difficulty in crossing hedge rows was unknown. The effort was huge and the location was a surprise. Great effort was made to make it appear that the invasion would be in the much closer and more logical Calais region. [correction]

Read about the US's subterfuge: Planting false information with German spies; the First US Army Group and its phantom divisions complete with graphic shoulder patches; a planned invasion of Norway; Copperhead; and to top them all the US leaked to the German spies that the Normandy invasion was a diversion for the real invasion later in Calais! Read more at American Spectator.

Many men died in that invasion. But it put the Allies on the road to Germany. We remember those who gave their lives. And those who risked their lives and lived.

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