Monday, June 11, 2012

Problems with ecto, not echo

I am again going around with my chosen blogging software, ecto, not capitalized. I like its basic functionality. It is convenient to grab a quote from the news and build an entry from there. Not so good for pictures, because it requires use a one or two photo hosts, but I don't want to add another account and password. It is medium for getting into HTML code, which cannot be avoided.

But now and then it gets strange on account information. I went for several months not being able to post from ecto. When I finally took time to try everything I discovered it had dropped the password for my Blogger account; the error message from Blogger was not helpful. So I entered the password and posted directly for a few days. (When ecto won't upload to Blogger I have to copy my entry in ecto and log onto Blogger, then pasted the entry.)

But after a few days it stopped again. This time I knew where to look. So I go to reenter my password, but ecto will not allow the full length of the password!? As i entered the last, ninth, character the "enter" button would go dim. So I went to Google and shortened my password to 8 characters. Then I was in business.

For a few days. Then the same problem. But this time it won't allow the eighth character! And I am not going to shorten my password again (and again). But a restart fixed it. Strange.
And ecto's support is nonexistent. The charging part works OK, though.

And, added feature: ecto's spell checker continuously changed its spelling to echo without asking.

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