Monday, August 06, 2012

Even Old Gray Lady says Harry went too far

Distinguished Senator Harry Reid, better known as Dingy Harry, thinks he can force Mitt Romney to show every detail of his life by throwing charges he has no evidence of. If the charge is serious then it doesn't matter that Harry has no evidence at all. He claims "someone told him" that Romney paid zero taxes for ten years.

This is the US Senate version of I played music, but you didn't dance. That is, I told you to lie on the ground and lick my shoes, but you didn't.

Even the New York Times is noticing.

Senator Harry Reid’s decision this week to hurl a taunting, unsubstantiated accusation at Mitt Romney is hardly out of character for the cantankerous Democratic leader of the Senate

… Instead, Mr. Reid appears to be once again reprising a rhetorical technique he has mastered over 25 years in the Senate: repeatedly needling his Republican adversaries in ways that often push the boundaries of political propriety.

… [Harry's spokesman] “He’s not making this up,” Mr. Jentleson said. “This is what he believed to be true based on the conversation he had.”

It's one thing for Harry to believe it, but another to have evidence. Who is following this guy?

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