Thursday, August 30, 2012

KVI will return to talk

After 20 months of oldies programming (not really sure what they have been doing) KVI AM-570 will return to conservative talk on Tuesday September 4.

Long-time Seattle leader John Carlson will be on week days from 5 to 9 am. Also Laura Ingraham and Lars Larsen of Vancouver, WA-Portland, Oregon. To the shame of all, Michael Savage will be on every night.

That makes three local conservative talk stations. KTTH, AM 770, has the king Rush Limbaugh, local host David Boze and locally based national host Michael Medved; and some people listen to Sean Hannity and Glen Beck. AM 1590 has excellent national shows - William Bennett, Dennis Prager, Dennis Miller, Hugh Hewitt, Lars Larsen (apparently moving) and Mark Levin. It's great to have John Carlson back; I knew he was around, but whatever station he was on didn't get on my radio presets.

Seattle PI blog

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