Thursday, November 15, 2012

Veterans Day

Today we remember the end of World War I - "The Great War" - and honor all veterans.

John Singer Sargent was an American born in Italy who never lived in the US. He was very talented and a hard worker. He got in the sweet spot of painter of portraits for high society - good money and status - and was a huge success. He was asked by Prime Minister David Lloyd George to do a grand painting showing British and American troops together in action. So went to the front in July, 1918, while fighting continued.

He was very touched when he saw soldiers wounded by mustard gas. This powerful painting resulted. It's not heroic at all, but shows the pain of war.

And… I will place a flag at Acacia Cemetery in Lake Forest Park in memory of Harvey C Roys, Jr., my father-in-law, who attended medical school during WW II, finishing in time to see action in the invasion of Okinawa.

[Oops. Didn't post on the day.] The photo: Wall Street Journal. I think this is full size.